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Benefits of a gel cleanser

Benefits of a gel cleanser

A cleanser is an essential part of every daily skincare routine. But it’s important to choose the right one that gets you feeling and looking like the ultimate GlowBabe! 

Why choose a cleansing gel?

Different cleansers come in different forms of gels, creams, foams, or oils with their own set of benefits. A Gel cleanser is good for most skin types including; oily skin, sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, and combination skin. The different benefits of a gel cleanser consists of eliminating oils and excess dirt on the surface of the skin, and  unclogs pores which prevents bacteria and acne from appearing on your face. This allows for a deeper cleanse than other options.

Gel cleansers have a perfect combination in cutting through excess oils and restoring vitality, leaving the skin replenished and refreshed. Our Clay And Glow Straw-Jelly Cleanser™  is perfectly formulated with strawberry extract to protect and soften the skin. It also helps reduce breakouts and eliminates dead skin cells. And is rich in AHA’s which exfoliates the surface of the skin, helping to plump and firm the skin for even more vibrance.


So, why YOU need our gel-based cleanser?

Benefit #1: Deep Cleansing 

Gel cleansers unclog pores and remove dirt and excess oils causing little irritation, leaving a balance of water and oil to the skin. 

Benefit #2: Acne fighting 

Gel cleansers are effective for those with oily and acne-prone skin. These cleansers directly treat the bacteria left on the skin and in the pores, preventing acne from appearing on your skin.  

Benefit #3: Soothing and moisturizing 

These cleansers also have many soothing qualities, and contain moisturizing capsules to help hydrate the skin while alleviating redness and irritation. Creating the perfect formula to fight acne. 


Starting your day off right with the perfect cleansing gel is important for your daily skincare routine. The Straw-Jelly Cleanser™ removes make-up without using harsh ingredients such as SLES and alcohol, removes dirt and excess oils, fights acne, and unclogs pores. Leaving you with clean and hydrated skin while and also smelling delicious. 

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