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Healthy lip care routine

Healthy lip care routine

Who doesn’t want pink, glowing lips? Lip care is an important part of health and beauty routines. While most of us girls wear lip colours or gloss, you can’t get those perfect lips unless you take good care of them. The skin on your lips is much thinner and more delicate, making them more prone to become chapped and might even start bleeding. Get your lips looking smooth and hydrated with these simple steps. 

1. Avoid dehydration

One of the major causes of dry lips is dehydration. So, drink enough water babes! Adding fruits and juices and other nutrients can reflect positively on the health of your lips. 

2. Exfoliate your lips

Exfoliation is key to getting soft, smooth and supple lips. Our Clay And Glow Natural Lip Scrubs includes 100% natural ingredients, including sugar and almond oil to help scrub off all of the dead skin cells on your lips. Take a small amount of the lip scrub and massage it into your lips in a circular motion. And here’s the fun part, you can either wash off the scrub off your lips, or you can LICK it off because the Natural Lip Scrub contains only natural ingredients and is therefor is edible! We recommend exfoliating your lips 1 to 2 times per week. 


3. Always carry a lip balm

Your lips can’t get enough moisture, so applying a daily lip balm can do wonders for your lips to make them as smooth and soft as possible. Don’t forget to moisturize your lips during night too. A lip balm can relieve itchiness or vent burning. 

4. Massage your lips

Take a few drop of your favourite oil that is rich in fatty acids to help repair, healing and regeneration.   

5. Avoid touching or licking your lips

Your lips do not contain any protection on its on, so licking your lips can directly affect your lips. Touching your lips again makes your lips vulnerable to infection and other bacteria. Whenever you feel your lips dry up or become itchy, avoid licking your lips and just drink some water instead!

There you have it babes! Your lips will thank you later!

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