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New year, new skincare routine

New year, new skincare routine

Happy new year and the best wishes for 2022! These words have probably come up a lot in the past few days. And yes, we also hope that 2022 will be a beautiful, healthy, and successful year. We are happy to share our New Year’s resolutions for better skin care.

It may not be a surprise, but skin care is on the first place for team Clay And Glow. Also, for our New Year’s resolutions, we would like to focus on improving our skin care routine. Are you reading along?

1 | Drink more water

During the new year, we want to pay more attention to the amount of water intake per day. Why? Because drinking enough water is good for the whole body and therefore also for the skin. In this way, the body is getting hydrated and will allow waste to be removed better. This makes it more difficult for substances to accumulate in the skin and will reduce the risk of impurities (read: pimples and skin irritation). Not a big fan of water? Then choose for a delicious cup of (green) tea.

2 | Remove makeup before going to bed

We all know that this is one of the worst habits, but it still happens way too often. Many women don’t remove their daily makeup (such as mascara) before going to bed. But did you know this is very bad for your skin? The dirt will improve the chance of clogged pores and pimples. Good to know you don’t only remove the makeup of your skin, but also dirt, bacteria, and excess sebum. So, washing your face regularly is therefore really essential!

Tip: our Straw-Jelly Cleanser and Cleansing Pad can help you a lot with this ;-).

3 | Clean brushes and sponges

Dirt such as grease, skin flakes, and bacteria can also settle in brushes and sponges. If this won’t be cleared regularly, the dirt will accumulate between the bristles. So, that’s not very hygienic, is it? Make sure to clean the brushes and sponges regularly with a designated cleanser (or just shampoo) to reduce the chance of blemishes.

4 | Be alert on expiration dates

Indeed, skin care products also have an expiration date. That has to do with the effect of the preservatives and active ingredients, which decreases after the shelf life. But what does this actually mean? If preservatives no longer work (properly), bacteria and fungi get the chance to appear. Of course, we don’t want that! The ingredients will also no longer have an active effect, so the product may no longer do what it should do. Therefore, always check the expiration date of your skin care products. 

Tip: you can often find the icon in the backside of the packaging.

5 | Be patient

And last but not least, be patient. When we want to start with something new, we often prefer to see results the next day already. However, building up quickly and switching between products often results in irritating skin. That makes sense because the skin first has to get used to the new product/ingredient. Therefore, give it about four to eight weeks and only then assess the experience.


Hopefully we have been able to help you with the above New Year’s intentions. We already have them on our to do list, are you?!

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