Tea tree oil: what does it do?

We want to take care of ourselves with products that are good for our bodies and for nature more often. Tea tree oil is the perfect example for this. This ingredient is extremely popular these days and seems to have a magical effect.


The name says it all. Tea tree oil is extracted from tree leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree (also called the tea tree) and has been used for years to fight bacteria and viruses. Back in the days, they used these tree leaves to rub over damaged or irritated skin. Later, they discovered that they could also make tea of these leaves. It was when the leaves were taken to Europe, tea tree oil became widely known. Due to the current increasing interest of natural products, tea tree oil is back with a vengeance.


It looks like tea tree oil has nothing to do with skin care, but nothing is less than true. Tea tree oil can be used very well for skin care! The natural ingredient has an antifungal effects, which means fungal infections such as athlete’s foot and fungal nails can be treated well with this ingredient.

 You may understand that we couldn’t leave tea tree oil out the Clay And Glow X Steve Madden Refreshing Foot Cream. In addition to fighting various fungi, this foot cream also has a moisturizing and refreshing effect. In short, a real must-have during your foot care! 

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