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The benefits of a metallic applicator

The benefits of a metallic applicator

Eye creams come in all shapes and sizes. Clay And Glow loves the one that’s packaged in a tube with a metallic applicator. This variant has lots of benefits that we will bring to light today. We are happy to explain why a metal applicator has our preference!


The first benefit of an eye cream with metallic applicator is because of its cooling effect. The metal applicator stays cold itself, but can also be kept in the fridge during summer. This cooling effect helps to reduce swelling the skin. That’s very useful if you have bags under your eyes!


Second, the metal applicator makes it easy to apply the cream beneath your eyes. The Cooling Eye Cream of Clay And Glow should be used from the inside out and with this applicator it has never been so easy! You can also choose to apply just a few dots under the eye and blend these in with your (clean) fingers.


Did you know this metallic applicator is also very economical? You only need 3 or 4 droplets at a time. The applicator helps a lot with dosing the cream. That’s why you will never use too much!



At last, the eye cream with metal applicator also has a massaging effect. You can use the applicator to massage the cream under or around your eyes. Tip: gently rub from the inner corner of your eye outwards under your eye to reduce swelling. Do you want to go for the best effect? Keep this up for 2 to 5 minutes!

So, that were 4 benefits why you should go for an eye cream with metallic applicator from now on. Our own Cooling Eye Cream is of course provided from a metallic applicator as well. Just create a fresh look every day with the Cooling Eye Cream. You know it, once you cross the line you will never want to go back! 

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