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Common mistakes to avoid when using a lip scrub

Common mistakes to avoid when using a lip scrub

Hey babe! Want gorgeous and luscious lips without having to worry about your lips becoming chapped or flaky? Lip scrub is your answer to all of your lip struggles. However, you want to look out for some common mistakes to avoid while using a lip scrub. These common mistakes can cause more harm than good to your lips. Here are our tips on what you should avoid when using a lip scrub. 

1. Scrubbing irritated lips

When your lips feel irritated and have any cuts or bruises it’s important to know that the skin on your lips are more sensitive than usual. The particles in the lip scrub may tear the cuts on your lip even further and may cause for bleeding and a painful biting sensation. Your lips can also be more sensitive due to cold weather or sunburn. In that case you should wait a couple of days before using a lip scrub to achieve the best results without your lips hurting due to sensitivity. 

2. Over-Exfoliating 

It’s easy to use a lip scrub multiple times a week, however, we recommend only using a lip scrub 1 to 2 times per week to avoid over-exfoliating your lips. This can cause more harm by scrubbing too many dead skin layers off your lips and leaving your lips overly sensitive and irritated. It’s important to give your lips some time to regenerate. So babe, gently scrub your lips every 1 to 2 times per week to maintain that softness, plump and glow. 

3. Not using a lip balm

After having exfoliated your lips, they need a little more moisture to ensure your lips are getting all of the essential oils they need. Apply a generous layer of your lip balm right after you have scrubbed your lips to soothe your lip needs. 

4. Rinsing your scrub off too quickly

We recommend leaving your lip scrub on your lips for about 1 minute before washing or licking it off. This way you ensure your lips absorbing the scrubs’ natural ingredients properly. 

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5. Choosing a lip scrub with toxic ingredients

When choosing a lip scrub its important to avoid toxic ingredients like alcohol and parabens, these ingredients can cause irritation to the skin. Our Clay And Glow Natural Lip Scrubs contain all natural ingredients such as shea butter, passionfruit, and sugar. These ingredients provide for healthy, nourished skin on your lips, leaving them glowing and soft. 

Next time your lips feel dry or flaky, make sure to follow these steps to ensure soft, plump and glowing lips. Don’t scrub your lips while they’re irritated, don’t over-exfoliate, and always use a lip balm afterwards to lock-in that extra moisture your lips need. Choosing a lip scrub with all natural ingredients is very important and don’t remove the scrub too quickly after your have applied it onto your lips. 

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