Clay And Glow: The Brand

The founder of Clay And Glow was a customer herself and was struggling to find a product that reduced her acne, redness, pimples and blackheads. Because she has a very sensitive skin, it was very difficult for her to find a clay mask that did the work, but that didn't gave her an allergic reaction. This was the beginning of the Pink Clay Mask!

She found a chemist that learned her all the steps of the way and together with him and the team, they created the detoxifying Pink Clay Mask. They had to test a lot of samples, developed the mask for over 9 months and finally came to the right formula. Yep, with the sensitive skin of our founder it was really difficult to find the right formula.

The Pink Clay Mask is 100% vegan, cruelty free and contains 98,5% natural ingredients. There is no perfume, no alcohol and no paraben in the mask. The mask includes lots of natural, active ingredients that compliment each other perfectly!  Because of this, it is great for the sensitive skin, and the founder found her remedy! Oh and... it's PINK! How cute is that?!

We had so much fun creating our very first product. After researching and developing the mask for over 9 months, we were so excited to finally show it to our followers. And they loved it too

The Brand

We are here for YOU

Clay And Glow is all about being customer-based and people-powered. We think we should more focus on the customer and community. YOU are the one that is the beauty expert of YOUR skin and you know best what works for YOU, so why shouldn't we listen to YOU? That is where we are all about!

That is why we started our Instagram community way before we had our first product launched. During this time, we learned a lot about the beauty community, what the needs are in the beauty industry and what's missing for YOU. We listened to our followers, asked them a lot of questions, having one-on-one conversations, doing a lot of polls on our Instagram stories. Purely to listen to our followers and YOU. And that is how we created our very first product, the Pink Clay Mask.  

We want to make YOU smile!

We want to give you your money worth. We want to make you smile when you receive the package. We want you to feel like you received a present from yourself, to yourself. Because we should all treat ourselves, right? Treating yourself with the mask means you are treating yourself with 'ME-time'. So first goal, is achieved!

But next to that, we also think it should be possible to give you the service you need without extra stress or money needed with ordering and receiving our product(s). That is why we put a lot of time and effort into making the website as easy as possible, have the best customer support (24/7 option to call, WhatsApp or email us) and that you can enjoy FREE shipping and returns. 

YOU deserve it

YOU are the one that is running around, trying to keep everyone happy, doing everything at the same time, containing all relationships, trying to keep all the plates spinning. Girl, RELAX! Take some time just for YOU. Put on a mask, fix your nails, read a book and take some time for self care. YOU and your body deserve some relax time too. This is why we created our very first clay mask, to force YOU to take some time off, and give your skin a glow-up

Making things easy for YOU

After researching and analyzing (for over 7 months) what our followers are searching for in a beauty product and brand, we came to the conclusion that our followers wanted to connect with a brand that is focussing on a community, is supportive and explains how difficult-named beauty trends work instead of making it even more harder to understand.

Next to that we came to the conclusion, our followers are looking for a product that isn't too difficult, with crazy, hard to pronounce, ingredients, that is good for the skin, that doesn't include any nasties. This is how we created our very first product, a Pink Clay Mask: fully focused on a quick glow-up in a jar, easy to put on the face, an effective 10 minutes mask, and one that works

More to come!

If you are as excited about the mask and brand as we are, go check out our first product. There are many other creative ideas in the works, so stay tuned for a lot more! Make sure you follow us on Instagram to help develop our next products and to become a part of our community. We would love if you come say hi!