Sample of Cooling Eye Cream | 2,5 ML


beautygloss using the Cooling Eye Cream(Mascha Feoktistova using the Cooling Eye Cream)

 Say bye to puffy eyes and dark circles because this eye cream is your new secret weapon for a bright and rested look! ⁠The special metal applicator helps to instantly cool, soothe and hydrate your eye area. The eye cream also helps to strengthen the skin and reduce fine lines under your eyes. The eye cream is formulated with 95,7% natural ingredients and is free of alcohol, paraben and perfume.

✓  Comes with a metal applicator

The Clay And Glow Cooling Eye Cream comes with a metal applicator. The applicator gives a cooling effect, it improves blood circulation and it makes it easy to apply! 

✓  De-puffs your eyes

Did you ever use cold spoons to reduce the puffiness under your eyes? You don't need to use them anymore! The (cold) metal applicator will help you with de-puffing your eyes and this Cooling Eye Cream contains peptides, which are very beneficial for reducing inflammation and constrict blood vessels to reduce puffiness. TIP: put the eye cream in the freezer for 5 minutes for an ever more cooling effect!  

 ✓  Reduces fine lines and wrinkles 

The eye cream is filled with ingredients that help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. One of the main ingredients arethe peptides. They support collageen production, so they help with reducing fine lines and strengthen your skin. Natural ingredients such as sunflower oil, argan oil and rosehip oil all help to reduce the appearance of fine lines as well. Let's keep those wrinkles at a distance baby!

✓ Reduces dark circles and strengthens the skin

The eye cream is enriched with vitamines (vitamin E and vitamin C) and with avocado oil + peptides to help with reducing dark circles below your eye area. These ingredients and ingredients such as glycerin help to strengthen the eye area. A strengthened skin prevents fine lines and wrinkles.

✓ Hydrates your eye area

Your eye area is the most sensitive and most thin part of your face. Of course you have to keep them hydrated in order to have a healthy and bright look. Ingredients such as sunflower, argan oil and shea butter help to hydrate your eye area.  

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