Hyperpigmentation Bundle

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Say hello to flawless skin with our Hyperpigmentation Bundle! Our gentle Foam Micellar Make-up Remover effortlessly cleanses, while the Vitamin C Serum brightens and reduces dark spots. Complete your routine with the Day Cream SPF30, shielding your skin from further discoloration. Embrace a radiant, even-toned complexion with an amazing Glow!

TOP BENEFITS: Cleansing | Brightening | Protecting

Earn +85 Glow Points.  Learn more

Skin type

Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Combination Skin

This bundle helps with

Cleansing | Brightening | Protecting

This bundle includes

Makeup Remover + Vitamine C + Day cream SPF30

Step By Step - How to use

This is the right way to use the products in this bundle

Day Cream with SPF 30

To gently remove impurities and makeup without irritating the skin.

Vitamin C Serum

To brighten the skin, reduce hyperpigmentation and improve skin texture

Foaming Micellar Make-up Remover

To protect the skin from further sun damage and hyperpigmentation

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