Alpha Hydroxy Acids, also called AHAs, are used more frequently since multiple researches have concluded their benefits for the skin. Some of the amazing benefits it has to offer are fighting the dry skin and leaving the texture looking smooth and glowy. It also helps reduce multiple skin concerns, such as wrinkles, impurities and even sun damage. An ingredient that we had to include in our skincare. We have displayed here for you which products contain AHAs.


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Pink Clay MaskPink Clay Mask
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Triple AHA Straw-Jelly CleanserTriple AHA Straw-Jelly Cleanser
2nd Price: Dutch Beauty Award
Jojoba Exfoliating Face ScrubJojoba Exfoliating Face Scrub
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Pink Clay Mask + ScrubPink Clay Mask + Scrub
Sale price€59.00 Regular price€66.90
Skincare Essential
Foaming Micellar Makeup RemoverFoaming Micellar Makeup Remover
Save 14%
Fix My Pores BundleFix My Pores Bundle
Sale price€79.00 Regular price€91.80