About Us

Clay And Glow was founded on the 23rd of May 2019 by a customer for a customer. Our mission is to make natural, vegan and problem-solving skincare look cute while making your skin glow again! But how did it all start?

"It was not necessarily a business idea but rather an idea that came from a personal problem that I was struggling with at the time.” - Julia Veer

Our story

It all started when Julia Veer (21 years old at the time) had allergic reactions to pretty much every skincare product she tried. The dermatologist told her to only use organic and natural skincare products. However, these products all looked plain. Julia wanted to be able to buy cute skincare products just like everyone else, without her skin getting flaming red and itchy by it. So, she and her partner, Randy, decided to develop their own skincare brand. And here began the story of Clay And Glow…

Our story offically began in May 2019, when we launched our first product: the Pink Clay Mask. This quickly became a public’s favorite and then more products followed. With a nice collection of over 10 skincare products currently, the skincare family keeps growing!

Fun fact: every product we launch is extensively tested by Julia herself for a longer time. If her sensitive skin can handle the product, we are confident of its quality.

product test panel

Every product we launch has to benefit to the glow of your skin. That means we listen and take notes when you ask for new products or come forward with feedback about already existing products. Even though we’re very proud of the products that we have today, there is always room for improvement if our customers think so. We listen, inventorize and make changes based on the messages we receive. How lucky are we with such an engaged community!

That’s where our Product Test Panel comes in, which is for everyone who wants to share their opinion about Clay And Glow products. Whether they already exist, are a new launch or were not even in our product range yet, we want to know what you think! The feedback you can provide us with is crucial to maintain the highest quality for our products at all times. After all, we couldn't have done it without you!


Quality over quantity

Each of our products is unique, that is because we go for quality over quantity. We find it very important that each of our skincare products does what they have to, individually. If you have a skincare routine that works for you, we are super happy for you! Regardless of what products you currently use. If you are willing to try Clay And Glow, we want you to be able to integrate our products into your skincare routine, without having to buy the whole range of products. This way, you can try our products and decide yourself if you want to integrate more into your routine! We stan accessible skincare that works wonders on itself and does what it is supposed to do: make you glow!

Natural and problem-solving

The Clay And Glow mission is easily described in one sentence: ''Natural and problem-solving skincare products, but cute!'' The products have an Instagrammable look and feel, while also being formulated with natural ingredients. Clay And Glow has been founded by a customer for a customer. Because of this, we really appreciate all the input we can get from our customers. At the end of the day, we are here to solve YOUR skin concerns and make that skin glow again!

To minimise the chances of your skin getting irritated by skincare products, we use as much natural ingredients as we can. Unfortunately, not every skincare ingredient is found in a natural form. Then we always use the most anti-allergic variant. However, if an ingredient does exist in nature, we take the natural variant of the skincare ingredient! Hence why all of our skincare products consist of more than 90% natural ingredients.

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Celebrities such as Kim Feenstra, Monica Geuze and Mascha Feoktistova rapidly became fans of the brand. Now, the Clay And Glow products have a permanent place in their skincare routines. A year after the launch of the Pink Clay Mask, our products could be found in the ICI Paris XL stores. Currently, Clay And Glow products are available in ICI Paris XL stores all over the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg!

Kim, Monica and Mascha are not the only fans. Clay And Glow is also regularly mentioned in magazines such as LINDA, Grazia, Glamour ánd we already won several awards! We're also very proud of the Clay And Glow community that is still growing every day.

Thank you!