Welcome to our Glow Points Program!

Earn Glow Points on every purchase. Redeem them for exclusive discounts and freebies.
Glow Points - Why Should you JoinGlow Points - Why Should you Join

Why you should join

Earn 1 point for every euro you spend

For every euro that you spend, you will receive 1 point. Redeem these points for a discount at checkout or for free shipping!

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Why you should join

Redeem points to discounts

Redeem your points to discounts or free shipping. Join now to see all the ways to redeem your Glow Points!

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Why you should join

Get free points from us

Get 35 free Glow Points if you join now and also get 100 Glow Points on your birthday.

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Reward perks

Our Glow Points Program is now bigger and better, with three exciting VIP tiers: Glow Babe, Glow Star, and Glow Royalty.

Reach between 0-299 points to become a Glow Babe, 300-599 points for Glow Star, and an impressive 600+ points to attain the Glow Royalty status!

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