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Oily Skin

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Oily Skin

Having an oily skin can be difficult. Your skin is oily all the time and it feels like sweating. Oily skin is often also acne-prone. That's why we might have the perfect product for you. Our detoxifying Pink Clay Mask, cleanse the pores at a deeper level, so that excess sebum no longer has a chance to clog pores. This will reduce the visibility of your impurities. Win-win!

Here are the top ingredients you should add to your routine.

I absolutely love this mask! My skin is super smooth and it feels super refreshed! I definitely recommend using this mask, especially for those who have oily skin

Mira, The Netherlands

Such a great mask, love it. I use it twice a week!

Aniek, The Netherlands

A pimple, impurities, whiteheads? My saviour! Every freaking time… LOVE this stuff ❤️

Seran, the Netherlands