How to use

How to use a cleanser

How to use a cleanser

Cleansing your face is the foundation for your skincare routine. Before applying any type of make-up, it is important to prep your face first and start with a clean base. But the question is, ‘are you using your cleanser the right way?’ Here are some of our tips to keep in mind when heading to your bathroom sink to wash your face and cleanse properly. 


STEP 1: We’re always in a hurry in the mornings, so try and take your time, grab our Clay And Glow Headband and start your cleansing routine off right. Wash your hands first and fill the sink with lukewarm water, then dip your hands in and splash your face to dampen it. 

STEP 2: By now you should’ve added our FAV Straw-Jelly™ cleanser to your Clay And Glow skincare family. Put a small amount in your hands and rub it together and then rub the product onto your face in an upward swirling motion. And make sure to not get any product near your eyes. 

STEP 3: Massage your cleanser carefully around your face. You can also use the Clay And Glow Cleansing Pad in circular motions onto your face, nose, chin, and across your forehead. Not only does massaging a cleanser into your skin get rid of excess oils and dirt it also removes dead skin cells and stimulates blood flow. This relieves tension in the face giving you a great start or end to the day.

STEP 4: Finally, you get to rinse your face. You can also wash off your face with a clean wash cloth while removing any make-up residu you might have left behind. 


Based on your own skin-type it is important to know what cleanser best fits your needs. Here are our tips for what cleanser fits best with which skin-type.

Oily skin: When it comes to oily skin, there can be more build up of oils and dirt onto your face throughout the day. However, you also don’t want your skin feeling overly dry, either. A foaming cleanser can become your best friend. Foaming cleansers don’t over-dry the skin but leave your skin feeling refreshed and looking matte. 

Dry skin: For dry skin we recommend you using a cleansing oil-in-gel cleanser. This combination of two textures in one cleanser will clean out your pores but at the same time hydrate your skin. This cleanser helps to dissolve a long day of work off your face, as well as effective remove makeup, leaving your skin feeling replenished and hydrated.


Sensitive skin: We recommend using a cream cleanser for sensitive skin. Your skin type might be feeling dry and irritated due to the fact that your skin’s natural moisture barrier isn’t quite working as it should. A cream cleanser feels gentle on the skin while at the same time removing makeup and impurities. 

Combination skin: This skin type usually experiences a combination of oily skin but only around the T-zone (forehead, chin, and nose area), while the rest of the face might feel like a normal skin type. For this skin type we recommend a clay cleanser. This type of cleanser effectively removes impurities from the skin more deeply, other than an ordinary oil cleanser or foam cleanser. 


When it comes to using a facial cleanser, make sure you don’t over-cleanse. Cleaning once in the morning and once at night should be enough to keep your skin fresh and clean. It is also a good idea to use a hydrating moisturizer after you cleanse your face to keep your skin smooth and glowing!


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