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Should I exfoliate daily?

Should I exfoliate daily?

The ‘Golden rule’ is: You should exfoliate your face two to three times a week. Start by exfoliating once a week and see how your skin feels before you increase the frequency to two or three times a week, depending on how your skin reacts. Our Exfoliating Face Scrub is perfect to help you with your skincare routine.

Over-exfoliating is one skin-care mistake almost all of us make. This causes for healthy layers on top of the skin to be removed and for the skin to get irritated. Over-exfoliating creates small cracks in the skin barrier and leads to more inflammation and loss of hydration. 


The frequency of exfoliating can vary according to your skin type:

  • Dry skin type: exfoliating once a week is recommended, to help prevent the buildup of dead, flaky skin cells without drying out the skin.
  • Normal to combination skin type: for this skin type we recommend to exfoliate two to three times a week to avoid dead skin cells without risking over-exfoliation.
  • Oily skin type: this skin type needs more frequent exfoliation, so exfoliating three times a week is recommended. This will help remove any excess debris and dirt accumulated on the surface of the skin. This results in unclogged pores and less breakouts. 
  • Sensitive skin type: to prevent skin sensitivity, exfoliating once a week is generally recommended. Clay And Glow’s Exfoliating Face Scrub contains natural ingredients such as jojoba beads and melon which helps to gently remove dead skin cells.

  • Mature skin type: for this skin type it is important to exfoliate two to three times a week to help reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles. However, for this skin type it’s crucial to avoid over-exfoliation which can ultimately lead to skin thinning and will speed up the process of ageing. 


Exfoliating your skin is an essential and effective step for your skincare routine. The key to getting that amazing GLOW is to exfoliate the appropriate amount of times per week. You should always hydrate your skin afterwards with our Clay And Glow Hydrating Moisturizer to keep all of the natural ingredients of the scrub locked in.


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