The benefits of sleeping with an overnight mask

The benefits of sleeping with an overnight mask

We’re all familiar with day and night creams, but did you know that there are also face masks that you can leave on overnight? These are also known as overnight or sleeping masks. Using a sleeping mask in your skincare routine has several benefits that we’ll all discuss in this article. Are you reading along?

1 | Active ingredients can absorb longer

Because you rinse the mask off next morning, the active ingredients from the overnight mask have time to absorb into the skin all night. This naturally happens faster with dry skin than with combination skin, but you can definitely imagine that an overnight mask can be more effective after 7-8 hours of sleep instead of 10-25 minutes. Good to know: while you’re asleep, your body also works very hard to clean and repair the skin, so a hydrating sleeping mask is very efficient in this process.


2 | You start the (next) day with a baby soft skin

Who wouldn’t rather start their day with an incredibly soft skin? Besides that this feels really nice, it also has an advantage! Because the skin is well hydrated and feels stronger, make-up can be applied much more evenly. You’ll notice that you no longer suffer from dry spots on the face and therefore will no longer see a color difference when applying foundation and/or concealer. Fun fact: with hydrated skin, make-up also stays better in its place!

3 | It saves time by the end of the day

Everyone is happy when someone comes up with time saving solutions. You do too! If you choose to apply the Avocado Mask before going to sleep, you’re not obliged to wait another 10-25 minutes for rinsing the mask off. It’s like a night cream that you apply after brushing your teeth, amazing right? The next day you can just start your skincare routine with a damp washcloth or with the Clay And Glow Straw-Jelly Cleanser and you’re ready to go!

Do you ever use a moisturizing night mask?

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