The process of pore cleaning by our mask

The process of pore cleaning by our mask

cleaning process of the pores


The Pink Clay Mask has the power to clean the pores on a deeper level.

As you can see, the clogged pore and pimple is full of dirt, bacteria and toxins. This means the pore will get larger, more visible and the pimple even has a red bump above the skin's surface. Ugh!

Clogged pores reconstruction

That's where our Pink Clay Mask comes into play; the active ingredients will clean the pores from the dirt. The pores will get smaller, cleaner and more healthy!
reconstruction of healthy, glowing pores


Do understand this process takes time, so consistency is definitely key! Some toxins and bacteria are harder to remove then others, so they might take some more time to cleanse. 

We advice you to mask 2 or 3 times a week (this depends on your skin type) to get the wanted results.

If you are consistent, this is what can happen to your pores and/or impurities after 3 weeks:

results of chin acne after pink clay mask
proven results before and after smaller pores


* Please understand every skin is different, results may vary.


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